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Bulletproof helmet

  • FAST-C Helmet
  • FAST-C Helmet
FAST-C HelmetFAST-C Helmet

FAST-C Helmet

  • Material:Kevlar Aramid fiber Tac-TexProtection level:NIJ IIIA, standard 0106 01 Performance and specification:Full protection for head with excellent performance FAST type with cover
  • Product description: FAST-C Helmet
Ballistic Helmet FAST-C

Utilizing the most advanced lightweight aramid armoring available,the Tactical FAST helmet is ergonomically designed to be one of the most lightweight ballistic helmets in the world.The 4-point system is a comfortable and economical option for helmet users, specially for tactical and high-risk operations.
The helmet is compatible with ear space for audio communications, and includes two (2) side rails and one (1) front shroud mount.

Material: Kevlar/ Aramid fiber / Tac-Tex

Protection level: NIJ IIIA, standard 0106.01

Performance and specification:

Full protection for head with excellent performance.Provides impact attenuation.

Improved stability and comfort utilizing a 4 point fully adjustable retention system.

Chinstrap and retention can withstand 115 lb tension loading and is designed and approved for parachute operations.
Optionally equipped with night vision shroud and side rails allowing to attach additional devices.

Protection area: 0.14m2
Size: L / XL

Weight: 1400g ~ 1500g

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