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gas mask Air continued to stabilize after the xiangshui"3.21"accid

There were a large number of casualties in the “3.21” explosion accident. The number of seriously injured people in the timely treatment continued to decline, but the environmental impact of chemical raw materials also caused panic among the people. Since the 24th, the number of on-site environmental monitoring personnel has increased to more than 200 people. Encryption monitoring has been carried out on the sections of the upper and lower reaches of the Xinmin River, Xinfeng River and Xinnong River. The monitoring indicators are aniline, nitrobenzene and chemical oxygen demand,Oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, volatile organic compounds.
The monitoring results show that the concentration of sulfur dioxide in the primary school range is between 0.010 and 0.021 mg/m3, which is lower than the standard limit of 0.5 mg/m3; the concentration of nitrogen oxides is in the range of 0.033 to 0.101 mg/m3, which is lower than the standard limit. 0.25 mg/m3; the concentration of volatile organic compounds benzene was not detected at ~0.003 mg/m3, below the standard limit of 0.11 mg/m3; the toluene concentration range was not detected at ~0.070 mg/m3, low The standard limit is 0.2 mg/m3; the xylene concentration range is not detected at ~0.038 mg/m3, below the standard limit of 0.2 mg/m3.
On March 25th, 10 schools damaged in the “3.21” explosion in Tianjiayi company, Xiangshui County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, all resumed classes. At the flag-raising ceremony, the teacher also used the accident as an example to educate the children on safety warnings.
In the next step, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Eco-Environment will continue to implement the work of the Ministry of Eco-Environment and the provincial party committee and the provincial government, organize special personnel and materials to be stationed at the dam site, conduct solid inspections, ensure that sewage does not leak, and simultaneously do a good job in polluted water bodies disposal work.
At the same time, we will conduct targeted air and soil sampling monitoring for environmentally sensitive targets such as surrounding schools, communities and villages; continue to do a good job in information disclosure and actively respond to social concerns.
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