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How to use an Expandable Baton?

How to use an Expandable Baton?

With the rise of crime, personal security is considered by all the people. Many products appear on the market to help in the instance of an attack, a little training and know how to use is needed.

Just like Chinese famous actor Donnie used expandable baton which is relatively easy to us and generally quite effective. In addition, there are other names for expandable baton, such as extendable baton, collapsible baton, telescopic baton and so on. Nowadays, expandable batons are the self-defense weapons of choice for many individuals.

We Jiangsu Kelin Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of police equipment for many years. Today we will show you how to use an expandable baton.

1. Grasp the baton firmly in your hand and quickly flick your wrist which could open the baton.

2. If you want to strike effectively, fluidity of motion is necessary.When the grip is too firm which will cause tightness in your wrist and arm, decreasing your ability to strike quickly and smoothly.

3. Create a distance to make your strikes to be effective. And disable the attackers weapon to disarm him. Stop him long enough to get away and get help.

4. To close the baton, holding it perpendicular and strike down firmly on a hard surface.Continue to tap the ground until all the sections of the baton have retracted and it was in a closed form.

Since criminals usually look for easy targets, simple displaying a baton may help avoid an attack in the first place. It is necessary to own expandable baton.


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