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Spring Festival return related personnel braving snow workin

The Spring Festival return journey is a snowy day, the snow on the road is very thick, in order to ensure the return trip Spring Festival smoothly , to achieve the "safe spring festival , orderly Spring Festival, warm spring transport, let passengers experience better" work objectives,Staff from swat officers to snow cleaners, are working in the snow, there was not a moment to relax. They use the actual action guarantees to ensure the safety of return passengers during the Spring Festival.
Beijing is a city with more migrant workers and people large flow.It is reported that the special police detachment has been stationed at Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing South Railway Station since the Spring Festival.The Iron Eagle Commando was also stationed to strengthen the patrol inspections, armed shocks, and inspections of the three major railway stations of Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing South Railway Station, which were concentrated in passenger flow, and made every effort to ensure the stability of the station security order.
Perfect police equipment is the safety guarantee for special police officers when they are on duty. Therefore, before going out, the police must confirm the integrity of the equipment to ensure the safety of themselves and the people.
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