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anti riot shield

  • FBP-JSJ08Arm Shield
FBP-JSJ08Arm Shield

FBP-JSJ08Arm Shield

  • Product description: JSJ-FBP-JSJ08Arm Shield
1. It meets the requirements of "GA 422-2008 Riot Shield" and "Q/JA ZSBD-006 Tactical Arm Shield".

2. Material: 7075 imported aluminium alloy + heat treatment.

3. Specification: 700 mm long * 280 mm wide * 2.5 mm thick.

4. Weight: 1.99 kg.

5. Strength: The shield surface can withstand the impact of 147J kinetic energy, and the shield surface is not damaged.

6. Puncture: The shield surface can withstand the puncture of 147J kinetic energy, and there is no puncture on the shield surface.

7. Stroke strength: The shield can withstand the impact energy of 342J (positive and negative 13J) and the backing shield should not be damaged or cracked more than 50mm.

8. Lighting: Using the imported LED lamp head from the United States, the irradiation distance can reach 500 meters, the duration is longer than 6 hours, and within 20 meters, the suspect may cause temporary blindness, so as to facilitate the safe handling of violent incidents.

9. Lighting has three modes: strong light, weak light and explosive flash. The battery pack is equipped with a charger, which can be recycled for more than 100,000 hours.

10. The front end of the arm shield is equipped with window breakers and barbs. It is made of imported steel plates. It can also be used as an attack dagger under special circumstances. It can be used for stabbing, ensuring that the shield can defend and attack, and playing a great degree of security protection for the personal safety of the personnel handling the barges.

11. Functions: 1. Anti-stick beating 2. Anti-knife cutting 3. Anti-riot broken glass 4. Arm elbow attack 5. Protection function 9. Dazzling function 9. Lighting function
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